​​​​​​​​Careers, Site Work, Administrative and Technical Contribution 

Seeking able, smart and determined people where everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions within an open culture.   

The focus is on the individual or group within any community, as seen by the individual or group, and providing the best user experience possible.  

Take on the vision, become engaged, share your talents and energies, enhance communities. 

We all desire to be more closely involved in our own and collective healthy living lifestyles.

Here, you can participate directly in meeting health hub growth and maintenance challenges while, at the same time, earning financial recognition for your valued time and effort.

There is likely an ongoing need to develop and support health hubs within your community. This is opportunity to both meaningfully contribute to a community's health improvement and receive requisite compensation.  

Set out in the cross-cultural code of ethics and values, it is envisioned that work performed in connection with the site by individuals or groups is remunerated, and classified Billing Rate. 

Level I: a decentralized, part-time (up to 20 hours), contractual workforce is assumed standard. 

Level II: engagement targets up to 3 months. 

Level III: engagement projects up to 6 months. 

Level IV: 12+ month time frames. 

Billing Rates reflect a payment formula for remuneration scales, to qualified individuals or groups, for posted tasks or projects underway. 

Billing donated will be recorded as Voluntary Contribution.  Voluntary Contribution will reflect social capital. 

Healthcare is Canada's largest industry, and a service business.  

mHealth is capacity and function to connect and scale immediate individual and group engagement, an integral link vital to each and everyone of us. 

Community Health Hubs also begin the journey and process by how we might better measure individual, patient and community engagement reach and effectiveness,  

  • reconfiguring a community and individual-centric approach,  
  • prioritizing metrics that reflect values and most importantly positive outcomes, 
  • focusing on healthy living and quality of life, and, 
  • providing each of us, patients and families with tools to manage our own health. 

My Health Hub Connections 

  • pharmacy 
  • doctors & practitioners 
  • dentist 
  • YWCA & fitness 
  • natural supplements 
  • grocery stores, food outlets
  • neighbourhood house 
  • community centre 
  • education 
  • community programs 
  • spiritual connections  
  • frequented communities 
  • family 
  • favourite groups 
  • social friendships  
  • contacts 
  • work & volunteer 
  • recreation & fun 
  • emergency contacts 
  • and so forth .... 

 Vancouver, BC 
 West End  Downtown  

Community Capital:  Cultural; Social; Economic; Physical; Human 

User empowerment, User activation (building knowledge, maintaining behaviour) & User engagement. ​

The Global Vision:  

​Organizing community health care by connecting health technology delivery to create an inclusive and accessible health and wellness engagement network interface.

Establishing a network structured as a healthy living enterprise ecosystem powered by internet-based clusters of fulfillment business and social media connection embracing, 

  • mobile health gateway which combines community engagement tools enabling meaningful change and generating sustainable revenue streams and massive intelligence, 
  • for-profit enterprise framework, with cooperative business model characteristics in governance, where applications belong to the community(s) and healthy living rewards dividends accrue to shareholders ie. each individual and every user.   

We are in a world where mobile is the dominant source of internet traffic.  

An immense market exists to profoundly alter how healthcare is delivered and the ways in which patients and consumers participate in managing their own conditions.  

Visibility and accessibility are key components of any well functioning enterprise and this strategy proposes such foundation upon which to build a better public and private sector engagement. 

The Hub Vision 
- Inspiring Healthy Living - 
- Enhancing Wellness & Prevention - ​
- Growing Community Impact - 

  Neighbourhood health engagement  -  connecting people, connecting communities  

​​community development example 

  • connections and records; everything related to my personal health needs 
  • if your work is health-related; your listings, customers, clients, suppliers 
  • your various community affiliations; personal, special & general interest 
  • social links; followings, blogs, chats, groups, trends, news and the like 

Leveraging digital access to improve population health.

Individual-centric empowerment. Trust 

Secure universal next generation networks communication solutions in community consumer health engagement. 

 community finder - postal/zip code - 

​The Aim of Health Hub Community Engagement:  

Provide a world-class, online presence that helps groups and individuals connect with their community healthcare while helping providers and services target communities, groups and individuals more directly and easily.  

Healthfulness - the ongoing continuum of mindfulness and care.  

Securely connecting the Internet of Communications (IoC) to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Each of us is affected by our own and collective involvements in healthfulness 

​Community Engagement is Healthy Living 

Contemporary telecommunications technologies advancement, ‘the convergence of all content (voice, video and data), the explosion of mobile connectivity, cloud-based applications, and the Internet of Everything', is leading a tipping point for change in healthcare innovation and delivery. 

It is from the perspective of interoperability between networks and devices that the concept for scaling a community engagement solution will be realized. Distributed anonymous open networked enterprise. Connecting realtime healthcare accessibility and outreach enabling transformational change in chronic care, health and wellness best practices via exploiting software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies, applications and services. 

The mHealthHub enterprise community engagement plan moves forward an essential, organically driven individual and community-centric growth vehicle; massive intelligence on a decentralized local computational substrate. 

Code of Ethics & Values 

The mHealth Hub Platform is a socially-focused enterprise consortium of individuals, communities, partners and stakeholders committed to highest standards of ethical conduct orchestrated with an ethos or character of transparency in delivering chronic care, wellness & prevention connection.    

Universal Values 
Universal values or social behaviours have the same value or worth for most all people where everybody finds it valuable or believes it to be of value. 

Our corporate code of ethics identifies 6 universal moral values: 
(1) trustworthiness; honesty in communications and conduct, integrity, reliability, loyalty 
(2) respect; civility, courtesy, decency, tolerance 
(3) responsibility; accountability, pursuit of excellence, self-restraint 
(4) fairness; process, impartiality, equity 
(5) caring; and 
(6) citizenship 

Compliance applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of any individual and the entire organization  

Cross-Cultural Values 
Culture refers to group characteristics of most all peoples including: 
(1) attitudes 
(2) behaviours 
(3) customs, and 
(4) values - core beliefs, goals, standards 
      transmitted from one generation to the next  

Awareness of the principles of conduct or behaviour in performance of duties, business and service:  
(1) Integrity 
(2) Excellence 
(3) Accountability, and 
(4) Respect 

Each of us commits to these four core ethical values and standards of ethical conduct in furtherance of Community Health Hub mission to improving individual and community population health and wellness.  

Our business philosophy and responsibility reflects a set of beliefs or norms about what is right and wrong, good and bad; e.g. non-aggression is considered to be self-evident and seen to apply to all people regardless of cultural, political, social or economic context.