Community Engagement Program Example:  (update on the Circle of Eagles Lodge Society (Coels) Life Skills project : 2018) 

A collaboration process targeting an Indigenous Life Skills virtual reality (VR) app proof-of-concept (POC). 

The group is developing a VR POC application, to begin to manifest in digital form a wider and deeply reflected vision, to help integrate Indigenous men and women leaving federal corrections into community. Most of the Brothers and Sisters we are working with here have intergenerational trauma and have been institutionalized for, often, much of their lives.  

The unique framework describes a new vision for First Nations mental wellness, placing Indigenous culture and First Nations strengths as central guidelines for improving the accessibility of mental health services as well as advising policy and program innovation.  

This unique POC is being done in collaboration with and led by the Circle of Eagles Lodge Society, a local federally-affiliated charity, along with other not-for-profit and for profit groups, who share the same vision. 

Community-driven, Culturally-informed digital connecting to wellness, prevention and chronic care  

The Hub Vision​ 
- Inspiring Holistic Lifestyle - 
- Building Wellness & Prevention in Communities - ​
- Accessible by Every Individual - 

​​​​​​​First Nations, Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis Community Hub Vision:   

Accessible and inclusive holistic health gateway connecting communities, individuals and groups with local healthcare, prevention and wellness services.  

Each Hub a communal access, accommodating personalization and specialization and flexibility.  Linking for example, chronic care treatment, services and supplies; diseases and illnesses; groups and individuals; connecting cultural origins, ethnicity and social & geographical demographics;  community programming; work resources and jobs; stories, dance, chant, art; real-time data collection; among numerous others.  

A Health, Wellness & Prevention community-focused connecting enterprise founded by Aboriginal partners but applicable to the wider world community.  

The platform proposes not to be the encompassing solution in itself, rather a focal point where activity, innovation and solutions may continue to advance in delivering and enhancing desired outcomes   

 - An Innovative Approach -  Community Engagement is Healthy Living 

Program delivery advancements, in addition to accessibility and inclusivity, will encourage cultural humility and safety and nurture our intrinsic First Nations venerable oral traditions of learning and knowledge; passing cultural knowledge from one generation to the next in the absence of text. 

This cultural transmission may take the form of interactive proverbs, stories, songs, naming rituals, narrative poems, ballads or sacred chants. 

Western culture fact, text and citation material will convey supplementary modern science and humanities relevant annotation, notes, photos, interpretation & explanation. 

distributed network 

Community Hubs - peer-to-peer healing circles  ~ Connecting People ~ Connecting Communities ~


Wellness starts with individuals taking responsibility for our own health and wellness (whether we are First Nations or not). 
The Circle illustrates the importance of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical facets of a healthy, well, and balanced life. It is critically important that there is balance between these aspects of wellness and that they are all nurtured together to create a holistic level of well-being in which all four areas are strong and healthy. 
​Four overarching values support and uphold wellness: 

Respect is about honouring where we come from: our cultures, traditions, and ourselves 

Wisdom includes knowledge of language, traditions, culture, and medicine 

Responsibility is something we all have: to ourselves, our families, our communities, and the land 

Relationships sustain us and must be maintained both within oneself and with those around us 

taking health care to where the consumers are 

Soaring Eagles Life Skills 

10 core life skills are self-awareness, critical thinking, effective communication, coping  with stress, empathy, creative thinking, problem solving, interpersonal relationship, and coping with emotion.  

Facilitation and Training  

Life Skills may generally be categorized within 4 areas and encompass facts, information and know-how essential to an understanding, comprehension and awareness to enable us proficiency and adeptness in conducting our daily lives: 

  • Thinking Skills  - imagination, information access, self-knowledge, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking 
  • Learning Skills  - receiving and giving feedback, handling criticism, agility and adaptability 
  • Working Skills - communication, cooperation, people management, time management, organization, negotiating, leading by influence 
  • Social Skills  - cultural awareness, social development, respecting diversity, networking, citizenship, social responsibility ​