Digital health is advancing a community engagement tsunami resurgence.  

​Key digital and mobile Health services include monitoring services, diagnosis services, healthcare systems strengthening and others.  Other services primarily comprise wellness and prevention, and are focused on elderly care, drug abuse and violence prevention, healthy living, smoking de-addiction, child care, etc.  

My Community Health Hub addresses a scalable solution to transition predominantly top down chronic healthcare delivery to a patient-centric and individual-centric accessible health and wellness connection. 

An innovative Health Hub gateway for transitioning health care delivery to a community engagement utilizing (mobile) mHealth technology in connecting individuals and community groups. 

The social hybrid enterprise platform approach is unique, and creates a new opportunity to meeting and improving heath outcomes.  ​

Community Health Hub outcomes: 

  • inclusivity improvement 
  • accessibility improvement 
  • delivery transformation 
  • time reductions 
  • cost efficiencies 
  • consumer focused 
  • community health enhancements   
  • ​healthy living dividends 
  • population health gains 

​​Next generation networks, and the quantum revolution, unfurl a new moment and context in which to exploit digital health technology to scale data, research, care and delivery innovation in individual-centric community wellness and prevention - healthfulness.  

There is a need to resolve the tension between population health and personalized medicine, the conflict between high technology and the rise of "slow medicine", and, the friction between standardization and individualization of care.  

​Orchestrating Networks - the new business model : 

Delivering value through connectivity, creating a platform of inclusion that participants use to interact with the many other members of the network.  

Enterprise Vision 
- Inspiring Health Betterment - 
- DAO decentralized autonomous organization - 
- Social Unicorn - 

The mobile healthcare market exhibits a complex business ecosystem where medical device manufacturers, mobile application developers, and healthcare providers are the prime contributors; while network providers and mobile devices manufacturers enhance the quality of mhealthcare solutions.

Significant factors ensuring a healthy growth of the market include increasing adoption of smart gadgets for healthcare application, a growing awareness for chronic disease management, and the rapid penetration of advanced network and connectivity.  And, the transformative shift to community health engagement.  

Three quarters or more of healthcare cost today is chronic conditions, the focus needs to be on the holistic person and not just the system if we are to better manage wellness and prevention and help the under-resourced with access to care, and also literacy.  

Conversations in healthcare need change to focus more on the individual, patient and group, to be driven by demand for healthcare, wellness & prevention services not supply, as top healthcare priority.  ​And, community engagement is healthy living

​​​​​​The goal in transitioning is to transform our community health engagement for heightened effectiveness and broader reach.  Health Hub referred to here is a point of service or connection - where anything health-related in a community is linked - a gateway or a pathway or a local storefront. 

Overall, if connecting this community health engagement process is to be inclusive of the individual, connection demands an uncomplicated accessibility.  Visibility, accessibility and inclusivity are key components of any well functioning enterprise and the plan outlines a foundation upon which to build a better public and private sector engagement.  

The venture is a hybrid enterprise portal for mHealth community engagement connectivity, where applications generate profit contribution to communities.  The platform behind community mobile health shifts the status quo delivery model, advancing the goal of community engagement transformation; enabling a number of meaningful and exciting, explosive enterprising opportunities.  


The platform model perspective proposes not to be the encompassing solution in itself, rather a focal point where activity, innovation and solutions may continue to advance in delivering and enhancing desired outcomes.  

Areas of innovation which are transforming health care over the next 10 years: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - predictive, proactive, personalized machine learning 
  • Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)  
  • Blockchain Ethereum enabled distributed anonymous network security 
  • Leveraging Social Media 
  • User-centric Patient and Consumer-focused Community Engagement 
  • Biosensors and Trackers 
  • Convenient Care 
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 
  • Point-of care (POC) diagnostics 
  • Telehealth, and many, many, many more .......