optimal health 

better      net results  

secure customer/client connection 

And what does Platform Governance Leadership look like?  strategy - culture - people 

Aligning the people, the culture, and the organization to enable desired outcomes.  

And how does the Health Hub app function?  ​simplicity, accessibility, inclusivity 

​Helping people make decisions instead of selling services and products. ​

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

proactive, predictive and personalized

the ​next generation networks (NGN) peer-to-peer (P2P) digital Health 

​consumer engagement communications solutions 

  • a new perspective - rethinking business models - creating a great user/patient experience 
  • where machine learning software (AI) takes over management and organization 
  • ​AI technologies application = a proactive, predictive and personalized health care 
  • intelligent platform connecting data from different areas of health sector into a private, personal access point 
  • designed for integrity, power, value, privacy, security, rights and inclusion worthy of trust 
  • data source for solving meaningful problems 
  • accessibility and inclusivity in community wellness, prevention and chronic care ​delivery 
  • taking healthcare to where the consumers are; easier, better, cheaper, faster 
  • empowering the consumer; eg. user recommendations, reminders, best practices, best prices 
  • support, embrace and enforce digital rights as well as right to digital privacy by design 

visible      social       responsibility 

currency   =   social capital 

improved outcomes participant 

Peer-to-Peer Platform Impact for Business 

what's going on?  Initiatives to refine and validate the hypothesis and action plan elements are ongoing;

  • individual and group interface related to distributed care 
  • NGN, AI, Blockchain and VR platform consortium research 
  • strategic collaborative proof-of-concept (POC) partnering 
  • ​alternative economy social cryptocurrency and impact investment vehicles 

where's the money?  Simply, ​next generation network peer-to-peer digital Health consumer engagement communications solutions, taking healthcare to where the consumers are easier, better, cheaper, faster. 

We are providing access and connection to communities of people and organizations. This access will be monetized through fees on transactions generated through these connections.  A portion of platform-generated digital health system efficiencies and savings generates income to maintain the enterprise and contribute meaningful return to Community Hubs in healthy living rewards and dividends.  ​

what's it look like?  An easily accessed cloud-based portal system which uses existing computer infrastructure (and is not required to be managed by hospitals) that really lowers the cost of entry.  ​​Our technology takes healthcare connection and healthy living data - whether it's coming from a mobile device or fixed device - and plugs them into one platform to better self-manage digital activity and secure rightful privacy and data sovereignty. 

​ 2018, we expect to see much greater adoption of platform as a service (PaaS) and network as a service (NaaS) as effective means to enabling digital transformation. PaaS and NaaS allow Canadian businesses to be more agile - it is the gateway for organizations to take advantage of AI, blockchain, IoT and more flexible IT architectures. 

Orchestrating  Networks - the business model

effective and  scalable  

​personal   ​engagement & choice 

(Blockchain application quote)  "Blockchain makes it much harder for fraud and waste to exist, makes it much more visible if it does exist and potentially gets rid of a lot of layers of bureaucracy that are designed simply to ensure that waste and fraud [don't] exist."  Microsoft Azure 

Championing AI, VR and Blockchain for social good 

We need a new economic model;  one in which we aim to simultaneously increase natural, social, human and economic capital.  And new ways of measuring progress. 

Community Engagement is Healthy Living  -  Community is Trust 

Bold aspiration is called for to ensure that changes implemented do not simply reinforce the status quo.  

Peer-to-Peer Platform Impact for Client/Customer 

direct goods/services  connecting 

currency   =   healthy living dividends